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The narrow strip of land between the Tasman Sea and the mountains of the Southern Alps is known for the high levels of rainfall received by weather fronts arriving from Australia.  The harshness of the climate has created a unique landscape of lush rainforests, wild coastal rock formations and green pastures. 

It is in fact one of the only areas in the country where significant stretches of lowland forest remain.  Seen as a sort of time capsule, this area is how much of the country must have looked before human habitation 1000 years ago.  Two of the world’s most accessible glaciers are here, grinding their way through the forests in their relentless journey towards the sea.  The region boasts no less than five national parks, which protect the environment for future generations.  The rivers of the West Coast are the only source of New Zealand’s precious pounamu (greenstone), which is made into jewelry, and artworks of great beauty in the hands of expert carvers.  The rivers and lakes are also a rich source of brown trout and many happy hours can be spent in pursuit of this feisty fish.

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